ORAD ENERGY SERVICE LIMITED  is an engineering company offering procuring and contracting services in the oil industry.
The company was founded with the intent of satisfying the needs of a wide range of clients in Nigeria and abroad with the offering of electrical and refrigeration sales and services. The steady growth of the company for the first two years, open up another door to diversify into sourcing and supplies of engineering tools and equipment for the oil and gas industry.  Today we are a hub; we source for both local and multinational companies. Our strong international contact has given us an edge over our competitors. We have the network to source for all kinds of engineering equipment within the shortest possible time. Our delivery is prompt.
The company also has a crop of professionals who man the engineering department. Our engineering services include; industrial electrical installation, civil construction, street lighting, rural electrification, commercial refrigeration, engineering design, installation/calibration, oilfield services, Installation of security tracking and monitoring devices, and general facility maintenance.
15B, Ihunwo Street,
Woji, Port Harcourt,
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